MOHS Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery, a surgical treatment for skin cancer that offers a very high rate of cure, was developed by Frederick E. Mohs, MD, at the University of Wisconsin. The technique of Mohs surgery is time- consuming and requires highly specialized training and personnel. You were referred to us because Mohs micrographic surgery has been proven to be a highly successful form of treatment for your type of skin cancer.

How Skin Cancer Forms

Cancer of the skin, like other cancers, is a disease of cells, which are tiny structures that make up all parts of the body. Although they differ in shape and function in various organs, all cells reproduce themselves by dividing. Normal growth and repair of tissue takes place in this orderly fashion. When cell division is not orderly and controlled, abnormal growth occurs. Masses of tissue called tumors build up. Tumors can be benign or malignant. A malignant tumor is a cancer.

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Our board certified and fellowship trained doctors and staff specialize in a wide variety of skin concerns including skin growths, moles, diagnosing and treating skin cancers, acne and acne scarring, rashes, psoriasis, hair loss, and anything concerned with the skin. We see patients of all ages from newborns to adults of any age - all the way up to our special patients over 100 years old. If you live in Macon, Warner Robins, Lake Oconee area, or anywhere in central or South Georgia, our practice focuses on your needs and concerns. We treat each and every patient as if they were our children.

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Dermatologic Surgery Specialists offer the most experienced aesthetic laser and IPL treatments in Macon, as well as Central and South Georgia. Under the supervision of Dr. David Kent, our physicians and laser technicians offer a large menu of laser services to maintain, enhance and restore a youthful, fresh appearance to your skin. We have over 35 years of experience of when and when not to use lasers to improve ones’ skin issues.

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It is our main goal to provide you with the best skin care available. Our professional staff of trained Aestheticians and Skin Carer Specialists are available for all your skin, beauty, and anti-aging needs. At Dermatologic Surgery Specialists, our focus is professional skin care. The staff of Skin Sense operates under the supervision of our on-site Dermatolgists who have over twenty years of experience.

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I cannot even begin to describe how much difference the laser treatments have made to my face. I honestly didn’t think I had so many issues with my skin, but that laser does amazing things. Jill and Jodi have been wonderful and they really know what they are doing... These treatments have totally changed the way I look and feel. For the first time in my life, most of my freckles are gone from my face and my face is presentable without makeup. You are the best and I truly appreciate you thinking about me.

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